Jaio's Report on How to Win

My roadmap for how to win the contract in competitive offers.

How To Win The Contract for the Home of Your Dreams

You have found the house you want to buy – you see it as the “Home of Your Dreams”.  Now, how do you make that a reality?  Others may see it too, and want that house as much as you do.  You have competition to buy.   How do you win?

I have written a report titled, “How to Win the Contract for the Home of Your Dreams.”

In this report I describe the process that I have developed, and that I employ, for successfully having a very high percentage of my buyer clients win the bidding for their dream home.

My straightforward report covers the following topics;

  • Preparing to win

  • Timing is everything

  • The personal approach matters – relationships have value

  • How to compete against multiple offers

  • Making a “clean” offer

  • Show the sellers you are pre-approved – not just pre-qualified

  • Your offer price – lower priced offers sometimes win – why?

  • The art of negotiation – but don’t count on the opportunity to negotiate

  • Terms and provisions to include in your offer

  • The value of an earnest money deposit

  • Structuring and waiving contingencies

  • Inclusions and exclusions

  • Who pays what?

  • Preparing for a counter offer

  • Giving the seller time to leave

  • And much more…

And best of all, my unique and original report is free for your asking.  Simply click here and I can send you a copy, with no obligation on your part.  After studying it and realizing it’s value, if you then wish to meet I can provide additional help.

My goal is the same as your goal – to help you win the contract for the Home of Your Dreams.  I am happy to serve you, and my approach always is to achieve your best interests.